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Fluke (Bio-Tek)


601PROXL (International Safety Analyzer)                                     Operators Manual

ESA601 (Electrical Safety Analyzer)                                             Operators Manual

Ansur QED 6 (Plug-In Module – software Interface)                               Users Manual

BP Pump 2 (NIBP Simulator and Tester)                                       Operators Manual

DPM III (Universal Biometer)                                                                User’s Guide

IDA-4 Plus (Infusion Pump Analyzer)                                            Operator’s Manual

QED 6 (Defibrillator Analyzer)                                                              User’s Guide

RF303 (Electrosurgical Analyzer)                                                 Operator’s Manual

SigmaPace 1000 (External Pacemaker Analyzer)                          Operators Manual

More Fluke (Bio-Tek) Manuals



NIBP Tester (QA-1290)                                                        User & Service Manual

BC Group International


CS-2000 (1 Amp Current Source)                                                         User Manual

DA-2000 (Defibrillator Analyzer)                                                           User Manual

DA-2003 (Defibrillator Analyzer)                                                           User Manual

DA-2003P (Defibrillator Transutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer)                 User Manual

DA-2006 Series (Defibrillator Analyzers)                                               User Manual

DPM-2000 Series (Digital Pressure Meters)                                          User Manual

DPM-2000 Series (Digital Pressure Meters)                                      Service Manual

DPM-2200 Series (High Precision Digital Pressure Meters)                    User Manual

DPM-2250 Series (High Precision Differential Digital Pressure Meters)    User Manual

DPM-2300 Series (High Precision Resolution Digital Pressure Meters)    User Manual

Endocheck (Endoscopic Light meter)                                                   User Manual
ESU-2000A (Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer)                                          User Manual
ESU-2050 (Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer)                                            User Manual
ESU-2300 (Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer)                                            User Manual

FingerSim (Pulse Oximeter tester)                                     User and Service Manual
IPA-1000 (Infusion Pump Analyzer)                                                      User Manual
IPA-2000 (Infusion Pump Analyzer)                                                      User Manual
Load Resistor                                                                            Instruction Manual
LS 2000A (Adult Lung Simulator)                                                         User Manual
Maxisim-2000 (Patient simulator)                                                         User Manual
NIBP-1000 (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Simulators)                             User Manual
PLA (Pacer Load Adaptor)                                                          Instruction Manual
PS-2005 (5-lead ECG simulator)                                                          User Manual
PS-2006 (5-lead ECG simulator)                                                          User Manual
PS-2010 (10-lead ECG simulator)                                                        User Manual
PS-2105 (Multi Parameter Patient simulator)                                         User Manual

PS-2110 (Multi Parameter Patient simulator)                                         User Manual
PS-2200 (Multi Parameter Patient simulator)                                         User Manual
PSR-2200 (Programmable Patient SIimulator with trending)                    User Manual
PSR-2200-DS (Programmable Patient SIimulator)                                  User Manual
SA-2000 (Electrical Safety Analyzer)                                                    User Manual
SA-2000 Series (Electrical Safety Analyzers)                                        User Manual
SA-2010S (Electrical Safety Analyzer with patient simulator)                  User Manual
SPO-2000 (Pulse Oximeter Simulator)                                                  User Manual
ULT-2000 Series (Ultrasound Transducer Leakage Tester)                       User Manual
USP-30 (Ultrasound Power Meter)                                                        User Manual
USP-100A (Digital Ultrasound WattMeter)                                             User Manual